Peminat Arsenal pasti mengingati gelagat pemain ini.

Emmanuel Eboue.
Sedihnya kerana kita tidak dapat menyaksikan aksi beliau malam ini untuk perlawanan malam ini menentang Arsenal.

Menyertai Sunderland.

Pada 9 March 2016, Emmanuel Eboue telah menandatangi kontrak bersama Sunderland untuk tempoh setahun (sebelum itu beliau bersama Galatasaray).

Namun pada 31 March 2016, beliau didapati bersalah kerana tidak menjelaskan bayaran kepada bekas ejen beliau dan akibatnya beliau digantung dari sebarang aktiviti bolasepak selama setahun oleh FIFA.

Beliau perlu menjelaskan bayaran terhadap bekas ejen beliau sebanyak €1juta bagi mengelakkan beliau daripada dilepaskan atau "dibuang" daripada Sunderland.

Dilepaskan Sunderland.

Pada April 2015, beliau dilepaskan oleh Sunderland kerana tidak boleh beraksi untuk skuad tersebut akibat pengantungan beliau itu.

"The former Arsenal right-back was sacked by Sunderland on Thursday after being banned from football for 12 months by Fifa because of an unpaid debt owed to his former representative Sébastien Boisseau. Previously a free agent, the 32-year-old signed a short-term deal with Sam Allardyce’s relegation-threatened side in March but has not played a single first-team game."

Aksi-aksi lucu beliau.

Aksi beliau ketika kejohanan World Cup 2010 seolah-olah beliau memahami arahan pengendali Korea ketika itu.

Aksi beliau yang menyakat reporter.

Video Kompilasi aksi lucu beliau.

Kenyataan daripada FIFA.

Emmanuel Eboué, who has represented Côte d’Ivoire and is currently registered for the English club Sunderland A.F.C., is to serve a ban on taking part in any football-related activity that will last for one year or until he pays the total outstanding amount owed to his former agent if this occurs before the one-year ban has elapsed.
The origins of the case involve a decision passed by the single judge of the FIFA Players’ Status Committee in July 2013 regarding a contractual dispute according to which Mr Eboué was ordered to pay the players’ agent Mr Sébastien Boisseau an amount owed to him based on the representation agreement between the two parties. The decision was taken on the basis of the FIFA Players’ Agents Regulations in force at the time (2008 edition).*
On 9 September 2014, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee decided to sanction Mr Eboué with a fine of CHF 30,000 for failing to comply with the decision of the single judge of the Players’ Status Committee on the basis of art. 64 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code . The player was also granted a final period of grace of 120 days to settle his debt, upon failure of which the creditor – Mr Boisseau – would be entitled to request that a one-year ban on taking part in any football-related activity be imposed on Mr Eboué.
Mr Eboué appealed to CAS against the FIFA Disciplinary Committee’s decision, but the appeal was dismissed and the decision of the Disciplinary Committee confirmed in full.
Following the expiry of the final deadline granted, Mr Boisseau requested that the one-year ban be imposed on Mr Eboué in accordance with the decision of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee. The relevant parties, including The Football Association which has been requested to implement said ban, have been informed accordingly.

Rekod bersama Arsenal.


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